Say Goodbye to Regrets from the Past with Fountain of Youth’s Tattoo Removal Services

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By Nicole Weddington

Like many teenagers, Kristina Sanchez thought that she was wise enough to make a “permanent” decision about her body at the age of 18.

She loved the tattoo when she first got it. It was beautiful, vibrant and feminine—three colorful butterflies with twinkling stars and black smoke on her lower hip. Her mother begged her not to get it, or at least to get it in a different spot, reminding her that one day she may want to have children.

But at the time, children were the farthest thing from Kristina’s mind. All her friends were getting tattoos, so why shouldn’t she?

As the years went by, the tattoo slowly faded and the stars lost their twinkle. As much as she didn’t want to admit that her mother was right, there was no denying it after she got pregnant with TWINS. The skin stretched out during her pregnancy, and the delicate hip tattoo was never the same again.

“Now that I’m older and had twins, the tattoo is distorted. It’s also huge so I was too embarrassed to wear a bathing suit and it was negatively affecting my self-esteem,” she said.

Kristina had a friend who had been raving about the Fountain of Youth Skin Renewal Centre for years, as an avid supporter of its injectables and laser hair removal services. When Kristina found out about its tattoo removal services, it was a no-brainer…she had to give it a shot.

Fountain of Youth uses Cutera’s state-of-the-art Enlighten system—one of only three machines of its kind in the state of Michigan. Featuring dual-pulse durations and three unique laser wavelengths, Enlighten has emerged as the premier solution for laser tattoo removal because of its power to clear all ink colors from the skin, and in fewer treatments than other tattoo technologies.

Ink particle size, tattoo color, depth of ink particles, tattoo age, and location on the body are factors in the speed of clearance and number of treatments. But on average, results are attained in four to six treatments. In addition to tattoo removal, Enlighten can also remove unwanted pigmented lesions, and can address skin revitalization concerns.

To begin the treatment, a registered nurse administers Lidocaine and topical numbing to the tattooed area. Then, a Certified Laser Specialist administers the treatment. The Enlighten laser works by firing a beam of light through the skin in extremely short bursts. The light targets the ink, shattering it into dust-like particles. Once the particles are small enough, the white blood cells in the body absorb them and carry them to the liver to be expelled naturally through the lymphatic system.

Once the process was explained to Kristina during her free consultation, she was sold. The Fountain of Youth even set her up with in-house financing, so her tattoo removal didn’t have to break the bank. After several treatments, Kristina’s tattoo is already almost gone.

“I’m so excited to have it removed. I feel so much more confident and happy,” she said.

The Fountain of Youth gave Kristina her confidence back, and there is a broad range of other services that can do the same for women of every type. “From injections to lasers to fat reduction, we can correct the issues that hinder you from realizing your natural beauty,” said Sue Alderson, R.N., owner of Fountain of Youth.

Additional services include body sculpting, spider-vein removal, waxing, skin tightening and much more. The Fountain of Youth also offers top-of-the-line medical-grade skin care products that will maintain progress and enhance results. The team of registered nurses and estheticians are detail-oriented and very friendly.

“Fountain of Youth was an amazing experience. They are professional and truly care about their patients,” said Kristina.

Sue Alderson added, “At Fountain of Youth we make your beauty and confidence our priority. Whether you are looking to reduce the look of wrinkles, eliminate fat, or just looking to exfoliate your skin, we are here to help.”

For more information and to book your free consultation, call or visit.

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