Bedrock Apparel Brings Moral Fibers to Flint

Bedrock: The Beginning Of Local Fashion With A Vision
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By Samana Sheikh

Flint is a thriving community, and its success and growth is due to the hard work, innovation and passion of its residents. The mix of cultures, its resilient spirit, and an incredible community of artists, are just a few of the characteristics of Flint that have molded its residents to have a unique view of the world around them. It is this unique view that has inspired fashion designer Jason Trice, the founder of Bedrock Apparel, who markets his brand as built on “moral integrity, the contents of one’s character carried out in one’s clothing.”

Trice, a Flint native, has spent a plethora of his time working closely with athletes across the nation. He was motivated to create the fashion brand by the various athletes he worked with—especially Lebron James, regarded by some as the greatest basketball player of all time.

The brand was originally developed when Trice decided to wear one of his hoodies with the word ‘Bedrock’ spelled across the sweatshirt’s chest. The attire resembles athletic gear and contributes to a comfortable lifestyle.

The clothing brands the term ‘Bedrock’ on different garments in a creative and stylish way. The letters are spunky, bold and colorful, attracting all genders and age groups who want to represent this signature collection.

Instagram served as Trice’s fashion platform and helped him slowly build a following. Other familiar athletes such as Jalen Rose, former basketball player and current sports analyst for ESPN, represent this fashion label as well.

This unisex brand located in Downtown Flint portrays a strong message that every individual is equal—that all people can wear the term ‘Bedrock,’ whether they are athletes, students, grandparents or anyone looking for a new trend.

The business is growing gradually, creating a comfortable atmosphere filled with style and passion.

Check out Bedrock clothing in the Capitol Theatre retail space on Harrison Street in Downtown Flint.

For more information, follow Bedrock @bedrockapparel on Instagram or visit



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