German Prosthetic Casting System

German Prosthetic Casting System
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By: Kathleen Sauvola

German Prosthetic Casting System – Orthotech Introduces Revolutionary Prosthesis Technology For Comfort And Mobility

“The new Symphonie Aqua Casting System, developed in Germany, recently attracted the attention of Mike Bugg, owner of Orthotech Prosthetics & Orthotics, with several offices through mid-Michigan. He recognized the technology for below-the-knee amputees as “nothing short of cuttingedge and groundbreaking for more comfortable-fitting prosthetics.”

Mike, a Certified Prosthetist, Orthotist, and Pedorthotist, attended the American Orthotists and Prosthetists Conference in Orlando FL, where he previewed the Symphonie Aqua System. He said he immediately wanted to bring this system to his patients in Michigan, and educate his staff.

The inventor of the Symphonie System, prosthetist Andreas Radspieler said the German technology helps create a comfortable, well fitting socket than previous prosthetic devices, while reducing or eliminating the need for subsequent cast modifications.

Traditional casting techniques have been designed as non-weight bearing with the residual limb tissue relaxed. Prosthetists typically have relied on hand pressure to mold the cast. However, once the limb is placed under pressure, the tissue can significantly change as it is aligned into the socket, leading to inconsistent results.

The Symphonie Aqua System’s method is to have the patient casted, after which the residual limb is guided into a cylinder with a water-filled bladder. The system creates even pressure around the patient’s residual limb, while bearing full weight. The patient’s tissue and body weight transfer perfectly to evenly cast an accurate impression. The result is a more precise cast fit.

The clear benefits to the patient include this precise and comfortable fit; fewer modifications of the cast; and a reduced necessity of follow-up visits to the Prosthetist office.

Mike understands that the socket fit is one of the most crucial points in finding a prosthesis that works perfectly for a patient. He affirms that the Symphonie System is one of the best in the field for delivering that.

Mike Bugg, a second generation prosthetist, has worked more than 35 years in the prosthetic & orthotic industry himself. His passion for prosthetics began when his grandfather came home from World War II as an amputee, the experiences and challenges of which were inspirations. Today Mike is humbled and proud to be a provider for the VA and veterans. Hundreds of satisfied patients and their families – and numerous testimonials of his work, and his outreach behind the scenes, have established Mike’s reputation as a tech-savvy angel of mercy. He has been a continual innovator in his field through the years, proudly delivering exceptional service and superb craftsmanship to his patients.

Started in Mike’s garage, Orthotech is celebrating 20 years of service in 2019, and has four locations throughout Mid-Michigan: West Branch; Cass City; Saginaw; and Flint. Plans are underway to open a Pontiac location by mid-summer.

Orthotech’s patients come from all walks of life and from as far away as California to have their legs made. Prosthetics are not a one-size-fits-all business. Orthotech liked to say that it is in the business of encouragement and education: Building Better Lives. Mike assures patients that the addition of the Symphonie Aqua Casting System in his practice will do just that, even more.


The staff at Orthotech is amazing! They are always there to help no matter what. Thank you Mike and staff for a great job well done! I highly recommend Orthotech.

I want to tell you & Mike thank you so much for all you are doing for my brother. I really appreciate it! You guys have been so great & caring. It’s great to know that there are still people out there like you & Mike. You both have put a smile back on my brother’s face & have been a big part of why my brother never gave up! You guys gave him HOPE!!!    ~Lucy


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