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Connecting To Your Body And Breath With Belly Dancing

Belly dance is an ancient art form that organically promotes connection, community, and well-being. Belly dance is not only a fun feminine form of fitness but like yoga, Tai Chi and Chi Gong, it promotes energy flow, health, and healing on all levels. The spiritual benefits of belly dance are feeling grounded, centered and a connection to self, others and your higher power. Mentally, you can experience empowerment, relaxation and heightened creativity.

Emotionally, belly dance allows you to boost your self-esteem, happiness and fulfillment. You reach the feeling of accomplishment—knowing that you are enough—and you start to enjoy extreme self-confidence.

The physical benefits of belly dance include evenly strengthening your core and spine, which reduces back pain and improves posture. This dance form is unique in that it increases your muscle tone and flexibility simultaneously, boosts your immune system and body image, and improves your blood flow. Enhanced blood flow means more oxygen to vital areas of your body, which promotes vitality and energy.

Faster belly dance movements are great for the cardiovascular system in allowing the flow of oxygen throughout the body. The slower movements elevate self-awareness and muscle control, and can even become a wonderful form of meditation.

The beauty of belly dance is that you can start an inspired movement from within, move it through you and then bring it back into you. By repeating this process, you begin feeling your body move and connecting the movement to your breath, allowing you to become present at the moment.

When was the last time you were at the moment? When was the last time you experienced “are” instead of “doing”?

Everything about this dance form connects us to our divine feminine side. We experience more passion, joy, balance, and flow. Remember that before we even could speak and knew languages, there was movement. Language was developed to explain and experience and movement is the experience.

Since every action word comes from a movement, this dance allows you to explore and experience movement on a whole new level and on every level at once. Let your words and actions become congruent so you can tap into your human potential, express your authentic self and experience freedom like never before.

Every sensual movement has two sides and everything in between. You have a contraction and expansion in this process; you are cultivating and building the energy and momentum until the time of “release.”

This release could be a deep exhalation produced by relaxation; it could be negative emotions being expelled or joy, peace and even ecstasy being experienced. You have the spectrum of emotions inside that are yours to feel. You can play with them, release or cultivate on the cellular level so that you can experience life and connection.

Interesting, belly dance provides us the opportunity to experience empathy, compassion, joy, and connection on a whole new level. This is possible because of mirror neurons. A neuron fires both when an individual moves and when an individual witnesses movement performed by another. The neuron “mirrors” the behavior of the other, as though the observer were themselves moving. The essence of belly dance has the power to internally inspire and externally motivate sensual movement. To engage all of our senses to maximize and enhance our life experiences.



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